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About Our Website

Our website is provided by ERB Systems - OurHomeAssociation.com  at no cost to the association, association management company or its members.  It is free because the business providers advertise and pay the for the cost of the website. We encourage you the homeowners to use these resources for obtaining services because with out them we cannot provide this free service.  We also recognize that your association does not endorse any of the advertisers.  We on the other hand know each of these providers. If you find that they do not perform as agreed to, please contact us immediately. 

Our website allows the association to keep members informed on recent meetings, upcoming events using a calendar, events scheduling, documents and is a convenient place for locating community information.  The easy to use forum allows for the creation of multiple categories for a quick search of all of the documents placed on line. A photo album is also available to showcase the association events along with a forum to post recent news items.

The ourhomeassociation.com website also provides association members access information from local service providers to take advantage of new opportunities being offered daily.

To view an example of an association click Here:

If you have questions email us at info@ourhomeassociation.com.

Use the following link to request a website for your association: http://www.ourhomeassociation.com/associations/association-sign-up/

For help call 877-340-2539


We have found a number of associations want their own site address.  We can set up a vanity domain name so your web address would appear as www.(your name).com 

We recommend using the link below to register a name to get started.  Click on the image.





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